Personalised Embroidery

Here at "Threads" we have a fantastic machine that enables us to embroider your garments in a fast and efficient manner.

This machine, The Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR1000E, is perfect for all your personalised embroidery in and around Glenrothes, Fife.

Embroidery in Fife

Here at "Threads" we have an established embroidery service running alongside our clothing alterations. We can create you a unique and professional embroidered image or piece of text onto any fabric. The machine we use is highly advanced and all embroidering is carried out on our premises.

We can add personalised embroidery as a one-off to a small number of items, or on a more regular basis to a larger number of items. We regularly embroider t-shirts, hats, blazers, school uniforms and company uniforms.

Benefits of our embroidery machine:

  • Embroider unique designs

  • Fast and efficient machine

  • Flat & curved surfaces can be embroidered

  • Almost every fabric can be embroidered

  • Very precise embroidering

  • Perfect for personalising your items

Babys bib Embroidery
Babys bib Embroidery
Babys bib Embroidery